Hint Solutions is an award-winning mobile development company. We have many successful projects in Russia and abroad as well. The most famous worldwide project is WikiLeaks App, the Russian one is anticorruption service Rospil which has won the leadership in national rating of free iPad apps. We work on major mobile platforms as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry. Hint Solutions became the first Russian company rated as Titanium certified app developer. In 2012 we developed some projects in digital publishing. One of them, iPad version of Big City magazine, has won the leadership in category «News» of the Russian App Store.

Our business process is based on a new management approach focused on needs of clients, customer satisfaction and product quality. Business network comprises of highly professional project teams managed and controlled by the headquarter located in Moscow. The team locations are in European countries only. Our senior designers have a highest level of expertise to provide a skilful and nuanced performance of clients’ ideas for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7.

Every team works with the world’s leading technology at every stage of the development project lifecycle. We have special networks for version control, control of clients’ demands and design, special systems for development and time tracking. Networking approach provides a free circle of information and quick answers on clients’ needs.

We take care of our clients’ business and open to non-profit requires.

Team building for junior developers

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